lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

The quiz game for motivate the knowledge

The knowledge is a fundamental part of who we are. Define our personality y possible our steps for the live as well, therefrom the permanently need to always feed it. Ways of achieving it there are thousands, but the election depend greatly in our personal tastes. The game is an attractive alternative, taking in account that a high percent of peoples consider the games an effective way of relaxing, ideal to spend the few extra minutes in the day.

The ideal game to make it happened must have some particular characteristics. Should be instructive as possible, need to be light, it can’t generate too much stress or a lot of mental effort. Still should contain that bit of relevance to be worth playing it and be considered a personal goal reached.

This characteristic are shared for several games that certainly we all have played, but the uncommon part is found it in the most simple of the games, and for our surprise after spend some time on it, the result not be any simple. Choose the right answer for a question is the most simple that can be imagined a game from that can be learn something, and for to be interesting win some recognition if was do it correctly. Universiquiz is a particular interesting game and describe all the previous commented characteristics. Consist in ten questions rounds that must be answered in less than two minutes and six of them need to be picked up correctly. The time guarantee been focus in the game and made very difficult to search for the right answer in other places. The score is important for the game ranking. The number one position is the player with the best balance between quantity and average of hits.

In Universiquiz the questions comprise the most transcendent historical facts, most important scientific advances, famous personalities, the most singular places in the world geography and also the most great’s athletes and sports competitions. If we needed to put a name on them will be the questions that all should know the answer to. In addition to be shorts and well-formed all questions are organized by difficulty, so when you reach a better position in the ranking also guarantee high level questions. Not much stress and a high intellectual content, the package couldn’t be more attractive.

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