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The way of knowledge


As we grow new goals emerge, and also future plans and wishes, but there is a need that accompanies us since the dawn of our race itself, which initially allowed our evolution to a higher being and then took us to the discovery of all scientific advances and improve the way of we live. I'm refering to the need of learn.

The race for knowledge defines our way through the life, helps us to socially interact and provides us comfort and satisfaction. But really when I can consider myself as a cultured person? What I need to know? Those are some of the questions that we want to answer in this manuscript.

Can I say that I am a cultured person or not?

It's really hard to say an expression like "I‘m a cultured person" and really believe it; for start a cultured person should know that has never learned enough. Generally it is possible to have a broad general education and be able to know something about almost everything, but most people just shine in specific subjects according to their affinities. A further key element on the way to the general culture is the reasoning. No matter how many books you read and artwork memorize, the time will came for discover by yourself the sense of taste, and in that moment the purpose of all the learned knowledge should be the analysis to arrive to conclusions originated from your own tastes, presumably influenced by other people, but still with an authentic personal brand. If you are able to achieve that, may be you can't call yourself as an educated person, but for sure others will.

Ways to cultivate knowledge

There are thousands of ways to achieve expand our knowledge, so the best is do what we most enjoy and when we want to make it. Forcing us always ends in failure or at least the performance will be very poor. But you don't need to do anything unusual or extraordinary, just use your spaces and free time to cultivate the culture and continue your life normally. Among the options available are:

The reading: Is the quintessential method used since the beginning of times. Books are an endless source of knowledge. However in present any one can access to Internet from his own mobile phone or personal computer and find all kinds of articles in all possible languages, from digital books to encyclopedias of all branches of knowledge. It is a good option in addition to the readings aimed to specific knowledge, have always a world classic of literature to enjoy, since due to the large amount that is essential to know and its extensions, probably will take several years of your life; although these may seem the hardest part, will eventually be your greatest treasure.

Cinema: Modern life is inconceivable without television, and like reading is accessible to all. Many channels are exclusively dedicated to make instructional television, such as documentary films of all the materials, reports, historical videos, tele-classes, etc. However we should not underestimate the instructional power of films and television series. These show the lifestyle of every corner of the planet, their customs, their language and their homes, information coming in background with a very little effort and extremely rewarding. Also there should be a time reserved for those classic films that we can’t miss, their directors and actors.

Museums and art galleries: It’s a very interesting option because allows to refine your tastes in a practical way. Plan trips to museums and galleries with your family, sowing in others the desire to know. Appreciate the true art involves much time and effort but must begin with the first step. No need to be able to distinguish every detail, just need to enjoy the ride and the knowledge will come without notice. Take part in discussions with people who know about art or be authors and you will enter into a new world only visible for those wishing to grow.

After these three the experimentation will begin. You need to test all possible manifestations of art, theater, ballet, painting exhibitions, sculpture and all that you get access. When you discover what you really love cling to it. From that point the way to consider yourself as a cultured person will be always in sight.

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