viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

News game updates for enjoy

We have made a big update to with the aim of achieving a better user experience. Between the added improvements include:
  1.  Now you can sign in and sign up from your social network in just seconds. You can use your accounts from Google+ and Facebook, so the process of recording your data manually and receive a confirmation email is no longer necessary. 
  2. We have added one page to describe all the game’s features and rules in
  3.   Now you can try the game with our demo without registering a new user in
  4. Have been improved all the templates in our emails.
  5.  We have added a section full of interest knowledge of the five categories of the game, History, Science, Arts, Geography and Sports. Here you can learn a bit more from the topics covered in each quiz. Visit us in
We hope you enjoy this new changes and help you to learn better using our game.

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